Making Mistakes


I messed up…
Hate that. And my mistake was a big one, the kind where other people got hurt. I am truly sorry. I got hurt too, and then experienced devastating consequences. And while I can’t go into details due to the others involved, last year, I went through a professional crisis that was influenced by a challenge in my personal life. This has proven to be one of the most profound experiences of my life. Choices I made were made with emotions not thought. Not good. The regret and remorse I feel humbles me. Yet, I truly believe I am a better person now because I have learned and gained valuable life lessons.

All of us make mistakes, some are just bigger than others. Each mistake in our lives adds to this crazy thing I call Life Experience. All the good and bad experiences we have are in our memories, adding up, building on each other, and hopefully we can learn from them. “Older and wiser” my parents and grandparents used to say…now I get it!

I have learned:
• not to let only my emotions influence my decisions, I have to think too
• not to ignore my conscience
• not to let my pride get in the way of what is right.
I have made amends the best I can, and now must move forward.

So, if you have made mistakes like I have, owning and then learning from them are what you can do to ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice.
• What have you learned from your mistakes?
• Have you made amends?

A few things to think about regarding your choice(s):
• Is it necessary, kind and true?
• Will anyone, including you, get hurt emotionally or physically by this choice?
• Does your choice fit within your moral code?
• Can you look at yourself in the mirror after you make this choice?

Perhaps spending a few minutes considering these questions prior to making your choice(s) will result in good decisions and help you avoid making a mistake. And when you do make a mistake, it’s going to happen, I can help you learn and perhaps redefine the goals in our life.
Good luck!